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About  ROHO

      ROHO Connector Limited is a well-known RF connectors, RF cable assemblies, RF antennas and RF&microwave components manufacturing enterprises, as a high-tech enterprise in China, ROHO design and production as one, with first-class design and engineering team, is a high-tech manufacturing enterprise.

     ROHO offers a full range of RF connectors, including small MMCX, SMC, SMP, SSMA, SSMB, MCX, IPEX/ U.FL /MHF, etc., popular SMA, SMB, SMC, F type, etc. FAKRA, TNC, UHF, 1.0/2.3, 1.85mm, 2.4mm, 2.92mm, 3.5mm, BNC, and large 4.3/10,DIN 7/16, BNC, N type, QMA, QN, NEX10. They are built in male, female, plug, jack, receptacle or sexless gender, in 50ohm or 75ohm Impedance and in standard polarity, reverse polarity or reverse thread designs. as well as straight, radius right angle or right angle. they can be mounted with bulkhead, 2 hole panel or 4 hole panel configurations, Frequency up to 18GHz, 26.5GHz, 40GHz or 110GHz. these products are mainly used in communications, radio frequency identification, automotive, medical, aerospace, data storage, network signal transmission, military and other field.

     ROHO also has extensive experience in the RF microwave industry, mainly engaged in RF modules of base stations, indoor distributed passive devices, customized development of RF modules of communication private networks, include RF attenuators, RF terminators (also called RF loads or dummy loads), power dividers (also known as RF power tappers or coaxial splitters) and RF antennas etc. Some members of our R&D team are members of the R&D team of the first 5.8GHz microwave sensor in China.

     Excellent, innovative and professional services are our own mission. Our goal is higher speed, morereliability, and cost-effective connectivity solution. ROHO promises to customers around the world with the best quality, cost-effective products and services!
Product Applications  

Communication Base Station

  • Used in the context of mobile telephony, wireless computer networking and other wireless communications and in land surveying.
  • In surveying, it is a GPS receiver at a known position, while in wireless communications it is a transceiver connecting a number of other devices to one another and/or to a wider area.
  • In mobile telephony, it provides the connection between mobile phones and the wider telephone network. In a computer network, it is a transceiver acting as a switch for computers in the network, possibly connecting them to a/another local area network and/or the Internet.
  • In traditional wireless communications, it can refer to the hub of a dispatch fleet such as a taxi or delivery fleet, the base of a TETRA network as used by government and emergency services or a CB shack.
  Industrial Manufacturing
  • Handheld/Portable Cable & Antenna Testers-A hand-held field devices suited for installation and maintenance of wireless service, military communications, and radio links.
  • Network Analyzers -used to determine RF characteristics in various electrical systems and measure the circuits scattering parameters.
  • Automated Test Equipment – use automation to perform and evaluate electronics devices and systems.
  • Spectrum Analyzers -measure the frequency response, noise and distortion characteristics of all kinds of RF circuitry.
  • Seismic Monitors –  used to measure the earth’s vibrations. Which requires transmitting accurate, real time data through appropriate networks such as GPRS, UMTS, and LTE.

Consumer Electronic

  • UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)-An aircraft without a human pilot aboard. Now widely used for commercial and recreational aerial photography.
  • Smart Phone and Mobile Devices— Small computing device to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects.
  • Notebook Computer--A personal computer with smaller size than laptop that foregoes some functionality to remain lightweight.
  • High-definition Television(HDTV)-A television system with an substantially high image resolution than standard definition television.

Medical Equipment

  • Bluetooth-A wireless standard to exchange date over short distances from different devices.
  • Pacemakers- A small device that’s placed in the chest or abdomen to help control abnormal heart rhythms.
  • CGM(Continuous Glucose Monitoring) System-A small device help to tracks the glucose.
  • Operating Room Integration System- A system to connect the OR environment functionally, including patient information, audio, video, surgical lights, room lights and medical equipment.
  • Diagnostic Imaging System-The technology to creating visual representations of the interior of a body for clinical analysis and medical intervention. Including Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Positron emission tomography (PET-CET), Computer Tomography (CT), ultrasound and endoscopy, etc.


  • GPS-Global navigation satellite system provide geolocation and time information.
  • Wireless Vehicle Controls-To control the starting, keyless entry, door and window of the vehicle by remote.
  • Bluetooth-A wireless standard to exchange date over short distances from different devices.
  • Satellite Radio-Radio Services that use satellite circling Earth to broadcast its programming.
  • WiFi-Wireless local area network(WLAN) based on IEEE802.11 standards.


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