• The advantage of waterproof RF coaxial connector
    The advantage of waterproof RF coaxial connector Nov 09, 2015
        The waterproof RF coaxial connector is usually working in the water.and they are waterproof.The power cable and net cable can be put in their internal.They can not only provide normal and reliable power,single transmission,but also can be waterproof ans dust-proof.     At present.The standard for waterproof is according to IP waterproof grade standard.You can see the number XX after IPXX to estimate the waterproof performance, The first number X is from zero to six.the maximum is 6,The second number is from zero to eight,so the maximum waterproofing grade is IP68.     With the development of technology,We use many application in our daily life.And the thing with electric are not very good at our It’s very important if the the application is waterproof.The waterproof connector has excellent sealing performance,reliable waterproof performance,For example,some device need to be fixed in the water or at the button of the water,Then if we use waterproof RF coaxial connectors,we don’t need to worry about the water especially the water contains many chemical substances destroy the devices.     The appearance of waterproof RF connector can be said to be a great blessing for us,It is widely used,We use waterproof RF coaxial connectors in many areas.Like in an industrial environment,LED lighting, urban outdoor lighting project, lighthouse, cruise ship, aviation, industrial equipment, cable, sprinkler and so on.which are all use waterproof connectors.Military field due to the application of strict requirements,Many waterproof connector are used, such as submarine connector, submarine-launched missile connector and so on.
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  • RF Connector expertise
    RF Connector expertise Oct 12, 2015
        The basic properties of RF connectors can be divided into three categories: mechanical, electrical, and environmental.Another important mechanical property is the mechanical life of the connector.Mechanical Life is actually a durability indicator, they are referred to as mechanical operation in NATIONAL standard GB5095.It takes one insert and one pull out as a cycle, and judges whether the RF coaxial connector can normally complete its connecting function (such as contact resistance value) after the specified insert and pull cycle.     1.Mechanical property As far as connection function is concerned, plug and pull force is an important mechanical property.Plug and pull force is divided into insertion force and pull out force (pull out force is also called separation force), the two requirements are different.In the relevant standards, the maximum insertion force and minimum separation force are stipulated, which indicates that, from the perspective of use, the insertion force should be small (hence the structure of low insertion force LIF and no insertion force ZIF), while the separation force if too small will affect the reliability of contact.The plug and pull force and mechanical life of the connector are related to the coating quality (sliding friction coefficient) of the contact part and the dimension precision (alignment) of the contact part.      2.Electrical Properties The main electrical properties of connectors include contact resistance, insulation resistance and electrical strength.      (1) High quality electrical connectors should have low and stable contact resistance.The contact resistances of connectors vary from a few to tens of milliohms.      (2) Insulation resistance measures the insulation performance between the contacts of electrical connectors and between the contacts and the housing. Its order of magnitude varies from hundreds to thousands of megohm.      (3) The electrical strength, or voltage and dielectric resistance, is the ability to withstand the rated test voltage between the connector contacts or between the contacts and the housing.      Other electrical properties.Electromagnetic interference leakage attenuation is used to evaluate the electromagnetic interference shielding effect of the connector, which is generally tested within the range of 100MHz~10GHz frequency.For RF coaxial connectors, there are electrical indicators such as characteristic impedance, insertion loss, reflection coefficient, voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), etc.Due to the development of digital technology, in order to connect and transmit high-speed digital pulse signals, a new type of connector, namely high-speed signal connector, has appeared. Correspondingly, in terms of electrical performance, in addition to characteristic impedance, some new electrical indicators have appeared, such as Crosstalk, transmission delay, and delay.  &...
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  • MCX connector wholesale what factors will affect the offer
    MCX connector wholesale what factors will affect the offer Sep 07, 2015
        It is estimated that in 2010, China's MCX RF connector market has reached 25.7 billion yuan. Now the market size of mcx connectors is growing at an average annual rate of 15%. What is the size of the MCX connector?     1, the impact of product structure on the quotation MCX connector wholesale is generally the company procurement, for product understanding, slightly poor, the product structure also has an impact on product quotation. MCX connector is a push-in connection structure, small size It is a convenient and fast RF coaxial connector with characteristic impedance of 50Ω and 75Ω. However, the appearance of the structure, the difficulty for manufacturers, such as elbows, heterosexual head.    2, the performance of the wholesale quotation has a large impact on the VSWR and insertion loss, mechanical parameters and other performance, different VSWR price difference is different, relatively speaking, the communication field is higher than the performance requirements of other fields in the application.     3, the impact of environmental requirements on the quotation Corrosion resistance, temperature tolerance, etc., ROHO can accept different environmental requirements, such as the current salt-mouse experiment  on the product is 720 hours. Of course, the requirements for different environments are naturally different.     As shown in Figure 4, the difference in materials affects the price of the quotation material directly affects the wholesale price of the MCX connector. The higher the material requirements, the higher the raw material cost of the manufacturer, and the better the material performance.     The above points can be used as a reference for the wholesale purchase of MCX connectors. ROHO has been focusing on RF connection, and its products are used in communications, radio frequency identification, automotive, medical, aviation, data storage, network signal transmission, military and other fields. If you still want to know some specific information about MCX connector wholesale, you can contact us to purchase small customer service, ready to answer your questions!
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  • Difference between BNC connector and SMA connector
    Difference between BNC connector and SMA connector Aug 03, 2015
        What is the difference between the use of BNC RF connectors and SMA connectors, and is it really important whether the characteristic impedance is 50 or 75? Can’t they be mixed?     SMA connector     The applicable frequency range is 0 ~ 18GHz. It is an ultra-small, suitable for semi-rigid or flexible RF coaxial cable connection. It has the characteristics of small size, superior performance, high reliability and long service life. However, the ultra-small connector is easy to be damaged in engineering, which is suitable for microwave applications that require high performance, such as the internal connection of microwave equipment.     BNC connector     The applicable frequency range is 0 ~ 4GHz, which is a low-power coaxial cable connector with a bayonet connection mechanism. This connector can be quickly connected and separated, has the characteristics of reliable connection, good vibration resistance, convenient connection and separation, etc. It is suitable for occasions of frequent connection and separation, and is widely used to connect coaxial radio frequency cables in radio equipment and test instruments.     The characteristic impedance is very important, otherwise it will cause mismatch. When the impedance is matched, the maximum output power can be obtained and the equipment has the highest utilization efficiency. When the impedance does not match, the effective output power will be reduced. When the external impedance is equal to the internal impedance of the device, it will become impedance match.     You should understand the difference between the use of BNC connectors and SMA connectors. BNC connector and SMA connector are two different products, each of which has different uses, and there are also differences in performance, and cannot be mixed.
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  • Microwave device technology arrangement
    Microwave device technology arrangement Jul 06, 2015
        Commonly used rf microwave devices are generally divided into: microwave diode, RF attenuation plate, amplifier.     Microwave diode generally refers to the working in the microwave frequency band of the diode, belongs to solid state microwave devices.The microwave band usually refers to the frequency range from 300MHZ to 3000GHZ.     Main parameters of microwave diode:     1. Cut-off frequency, which determines the maximum diode use frequency.     2. Frequency conversion loss, the ability to achieve diode frequency change, and diode characteristics, mixer circuit formation and working state is closely related.     3. The noise ratio is mainly divided into shotgun noise and thermal noise.     RF Attenuator is a kind of important fiber optics passive device, which is an indispensable device in optical fiber CATV.It is well known that when two segments of optical fiber are connected, considerable alignment accuracy must be achieved in order for the optical signal to be transmitted with little loss.Conversely, if the optical fiber alignment accuracy is adjusted appropriately, the attenuation can be controlled.According to this principle, the displacement optical attenuation plate is intended to make the optical fiber in the docking, a certain dislocation.The light energy is lost to control the attenuation.     An amplifier is a device for amplifying the voltage or power of an input signal. It consists of a tube or transistor, a power transformer, and other electrical components.Application in communication, broadcasting, radar, television, automatic control and other devices.Its function is to amplify the power of the high-frequency modulated wave signal to meet the transmission power requirements, and then radiate it to the space through the antenna, so as to ensure that the receiver in a certain area can receive a satisfactory signal level and not interfere with the communication of adjacent channels.     Amplifier product performance: a certain power output, and small misalignment and drift, high input impedance and low output impedance, as well as high sensitivity, stability and reliability, small size, light weight, less power consumption.
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  • How to purchase a cost-effective N Type RF connector
    How to purchase a cost-effective N Type RF connector Jun 08, 2015
        The N Type RF connector is also used as a company to purchase it in defense and industrial and commercial communication products. How can you judge cost-effective products when purchasing N Type RF connectors?     The following 3 points must be noted when purchasing:     1. High quality raw materials, RoHS compliant and durable     2, excellent RF performance from DC to 11GHz, and scalable range design to DC to 18GHz     3, the thread connection mechanism is reasonable, strong anti-vibration ability     The N Type RF connector has consistent performance at 11 GHz with a threaded connection mechanism that is fully interchangeable with MIL-C-39012 compliant N-RF connectors for all systems where superior RF performance and mechanical performance are The key is generally used in antennas, base stations, instrument satellite systems, wireless LANs, radar systems, broadcasts, etc.     The quality of work and materials of RF connectors often affect the speed of data transmission. The quality of the signal transmission and the smoothness of the connection are directly related to the performance and stability of the system and its service life. “Five Essentials” is designed as a “lightweight, miniaturized, low-cost, high-performance, mass-produced” connector. The higher the N Type RF connector requirements, the more stringent the material selection and process.
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  • Analysis on the development direction of connectors in the AI ​​era
    Analysis on the development direction of connectors in the AI ​​era May 04, 2015
        In recent years, society has gradually moved towards the era of intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) is considered an important part of the fourth industrial revolution. Smart homes, unmanned supermarkets, connected cars, smart transportation, smart cities, etc. The concept has already begun to be implemented.     These are the complete set of intelligent processes through intelligent identification, processing, and feedback.     If AI is compared to the human brain and intelligent hardware to the human body, then the connector is equivalent to the human meridian and plays an indispensable role.     It can be said that the rapid development of AI is accelerating the development process of the connector industry.     A large number of revolutionary high-tech electronic products enable connector manufacturers to accelerate the pace of research and development.     In particular, domestic connector manufacturers do not have an advantage in their technical level. In the era of intelligence, it is necessary to accelerate the pace of research and development and meet the needs of high-tech development in order to gain a foothold in the future.     So with the emergence of AI, where is the development direction of RF coxial connectors?     1. Precision. This is inevitable under the current framework. Human needs continue to increase, and more and more smart devices are miniaturized and sophisticated, such as smart phones, wearable devices, etc., and the space for connectors is greatly restricted. Miniaturization and precision are the future development trend.     2. High-speed transmission. AI does not mean having the best computing power. The key is to master a huge amount of data. AI means that the operation speed is very fast, which requires the connector to provide high-speed transmission functions.     3. Stable. Whether it is now or in the future, security and stability have always been a very important issue, especially in the AI era. The stability of the big data transmission signal is the primary problem we want to solve.     4. Intelligent. We can imagine what will happen if the connector becomes intelligent, every link is becoming intelligent, the pattern of the connector industry will be reshuffled, and the human-machine collaboration will be fully integrated in the future.     The emergence of artificial intelligence has brought many conveniences to life, and it has also brought huge changes to all walks of life. Many domestic companies have already taken the lead in participating in this intelligent era, such as Alibaba,, Baidu, etc. Domestic connector companies need to speed up their pace and keep up with the great era of intelligent development.
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  • Type size of IPEX connector
    Type size of IPEX connector Apr 06, 2015
        IPEX connector are widely used in mobile phones, digital cameras, computers, switches, routers, GPS navigation, wireless network cards, LCD monitors, household appliances, automotive electronics, etc. IPEX RF connectors are different in different connector sizes. The size of the other RF connectors is small, and the feeders used can be made very thin.     IPEX connector holders are used when space requirements are high. So what type of size does the IPEX connector have? Let's take a look at it by ROHO.     The connector sizes are as follows:     1. IPEX sealed connectors are: MX120G, MX64, MXP120, MX150L     2. IPEX automotive connector specifications are: MX123, CMC and CMX sealed hybrid module connector.
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