• The advantages and disadvantages of nickel plating and gold plating
    The advantages and disadvantages of nickel plating and gold plating Jul 10, 2017
        What is the advantage and disadvantages if nickle plating of rf connector? And how about the gold plating of rf coaxial connector? When post the pcb mount. Why the nickle plated is more convenient to solder the tin? There are many false solder in the nickle plating,But few in the gold plating, That’s why?     Answer 1: We know only the weld ability and conductivity of gold, its stability is the best among metals,It is widely used in PCB board. Nickel, good stability, but poor weld ability,But the temperature is better, It is rare to hear of nickel plating on the gold fingers of PCB boards.     Answer 2: Connector adaptor plating a single coating is very few, generally after nickel plating and then a layer of gold. Gold electroplates better conductivity and weld ability than nickel, but costs more. The cost of nickel is low, used in the ground coating on the substrate play a filling role, and subsequent coating capacity.     Answer 3: The electroplating physical properties are relatively stable, electrical conductivity is better, but the material is more expensive, general electroplating in the contact layer of the terminal.     Answer 4: The nickel itself electroplating is not good, generally will not be directly plated nickel for welding, is now the so-called solderable nickel, but it is a layer of flux after nickel plating.
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  • The difference between waterproof connector and plastic connector
    The difference between waterproof connector and plastic connector Jun 05, 2017
        The structure of waterproof rf connector is generally divided into metal contact conductor and shell metal.     The different between metal and plastic (nylon TA66) shell :     Mechanical life: The mechanical life of waterproof rf connector refers to the number of times of plug and pull, and the industry standard is usually 500 to 1000 times.The contact resistance, insulation resistance and withstand voltage of the waterproof rf connector should not exceed the specified standard value when the mechanical life of the waterproof rf connector is reached. There is little difference between the metal waterproof rf connector and the plastic rf connector.      Behaviour of electricity: Rated voltage, rated current, contact impedance, insulation resistance, etc., according to the required standard value, this metal is the same as the plastic shell.     Enviromental parameter : The main environmental parameters are ambient temperature, humidity, rapid temperature change, atmospheric pressure and corrosion environment. In the use and storage of waterproof rf connectors, the environment in the process of transportation has a significant impact on its performance, so it is necessary to choose the corresponding metal shell according to the actual environmental conditions will be better than plastic.     Termination method: Termination method refers to the connection between the hardware contact and the wire and cable of the waterproof rf connector male and female coaxial connector. The metal as same as plastic shell, it is divided into solder, crimp, clamp, pierce and screw.     Comprehensive analysis shows that there is little difference between metal and nylon TA66 plastic shell except for shielding function of connector. The cost of plastic is lower than that of metal shell, and the structure is more reasonable.
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  • How to reduce the wear of jack and pin in connector
    How to reduce the wear of jack and pin in connector May 08, 2017
        When the connector is connected, the pin will be expanded with a certain force, but it is easier to separate. Therefore, it is judged that the coupling force of the electronic connector is larger than the separation force, the interaction between the two forces is easy to cause the connector to wear out. If you want to reduce wear and tear, look at the following good ways:     1.Improve the strength of the gold plating layer on the contact surface which can effectively reduce friction.     2.the contact surface of the RF coaxial connector can be nickel plated and then gold plated, which is a little less frictional than gold plated directly on copper.     3.The thicker the nickel layer, the stronger the wear resistance of the gold plating layer.     4.The smoother the surface of the RF connector is, that is, the lower the roughness, so the friction is very small.     5.In the daily use of connectors, we should pay attention to the maintenance of electronic connectors to reduce human damage.
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  • Advantages of domestic connector
    Advantages of domestic connector Apr 10, 2017
        Connectors are important components that connect two devices,Used to transmit or receive signals and is an essential item,With the development of domestic science and technology and continuous improvement,Domestic connector has gradually replaced the foreign connector,Become the brand type that domestic consumer likes quite.     Domestic rf connectors in the use of the process of a total of three advantages, respectively as follows:     First, it is easy to maintain and can improve the production process.     Because of the existence of domestic coaxial connectors, not only simplify the process of mass production, improve the work efficiency of the enterprise, at the same time when a certain component problems, but also can be replaced quickly, so as to reduce the loss caused by the damage of parts.     Second, upgrading is more convenient.     For the equipment, the upgrade may be slow, but for the domestic rf connector assembly components, it is easier to upgrade, and the connector upgrade will naturally drive the change of other equipment, so as to achieve the effect of enterprise upgrading equipment.     Third, the design is more flexible.     According to statistical data, since there is a domestic connector, China’s designers in the design process, flexibility than before 20%, and this saves 20%, not only improve work efficiency, but also save a lot of cost expenditure, for enterprises kill two birds with one stone.
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  • Communication network knowledge
    Communication network knowledge Mar 06, 2017
    1. Mobile communication: refers to the use of wireless channels for mutual communication between moving objects or between moving objects and fixed objects. 2. The three basic elements of the communication network are: RF antenna terminal , transmission system and switching system. 3. Analog communication network (frequency division system): Terminals, transmission and switching systems are all communication networks implemented in an analog way. 4. Digital communication network (time division system): Terminals, transmission and switching systems are all digital communication networks. 5. CDMA: Code Division Multiple Access digital mobile communication. Use different coding methods to achieve multiple access communications. 6. TDMA: time division multiple access digital mobile communication. The use of time division method to achieve multiple access communication. At present, the GSM900/1800MHz repeater developed and produced by our company belongs to the TDMA system of GPS Antennas. 7. Channel: The channel through which the signal is transmitted. 8. Base station (BS): also known as wireless base station/base station of WIFI Antennas. It is a set of equipment that serves a wireless cell (usually an omni-directional or three-sector cell). The base station is in a dominant position in the call processing process. The call processing process includes three main contents: 1. Controlling the mobile station in the control channel and providing common information about system parameters; 2. Providing support for the mobile station to access the network; 3. In the voice The mobile station is controlled in the channel. 9. Repeater station: Repeater station with the same frequency and two-way amplification, also known as the same frequency repeater, the transmission method is transparent transmission. The function is to receive and forward the signal between the base station and the mobile station. 10. Cellular: The shape of the entire communication area service area formed by the adjacent hexagonal wireless cells (also called cellular cells) is very similar to that of a honeycomb, so it is vividly called a cellular network (Cellular System), also called cellular mobile communication. 
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  • Factors affecting the service life of pin probe connector
    Factors affecting the service life of pin probe connector Jan 09, 2017
        Since the products that need to use the coaxial connector are developed in the direction of appearance refinement, installation simplicity and long service life, the existence of the pin probe connector has well solved the needs of the connector manufacturer, the pin probe connector. Therefore, it has become the favor of many connector manufacturers. After a large number of related tests, the factors affecting the life of the pin probe connection are as follows.     1. Frictional corrosion     The friction of the pin probe connector during operation and the corrosion of various corrosive substances in the working environment are important factors for greatly reducing the life of the pin probe RF connector.     2. Electrical accident     This type of fault generally refers to the connection between the wire and the terminal and is a factor that directly affects the life of the pin probe connector. In order to solve this problem effectively, a new type of reinforced crimping technology has emerged, which is an upgraded version of the previous crimping technology. After testing, this technology can greatly reduce the occurrence of electrical faults, and has gradually begun to be applied in actual production.     3. Plugging problem     The problem of plugging and unplugging the pin probe connector adapter has always been an important factor in the failure. The control of the insertion force is difficult, and it is easy to fall off when it is small, and it will be damaged when it is large. This has always been a big problem in this respect, so many designers can’t think of any good way. The more methods used now are to control different insertion and extraction forces depending on the place of use. Although the application of a part of the pin probe connector can be guaranteed to some extent, this problem cannot be completely solved.
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  • Which is better, coaxial or fiber optic?
    Which is better, coaxial or fiber optic? Dec 05, 2016
        Both types of coaxial cable and fiber optic cable can be used to transmit video, audio, and other forms of data, and both can provide you with significant advantages and disadvantages when establishing a network.     Deciding which is best for your situation depends on the distance of the connection and the amount of data to be sent. Before repeaters are needed, fiber-optic cables carry data signals. Coaxial cables have higher signal losses, so they should be used for shorter distances. Fiber optic cables carry more information. Fiber optic cables are also significantly more expensive. Compared to coaxial cables, fiber optic cables are found to be less frequent in the environment in which they are used.     Coaxial cable assembly are easy to install and very durable. Because optical fibers have higher and faster data transmission than coaxial cables, they are best suited for professional networks, such as those found in business parks or universities. If you are working on a home installation or a medium-capacity data transmission network, it is best not to use coaxial cables.     Many companies today use cable adapter for their commercial broadband services. The biggest drawback of wired Internet is speed fluctuations. Looking at fiber optic Internet and wired Internet, wired Internet services are usually shared among many users. This means that if a large number of users in the cable area use the Internet to run all bandwidth-intensive applications at the same time, everyone's speed may vary between 100% and 25% of the promised speed.     Many companies today use cable connections for their commercial broadband services. The biggest disadvantage of wired Internet is speed fluctuations. Looking at fiber optic Internet and wired Internet, wired Internet services are usually shared among many users. This means that if a large number of users in the cable area use the Internet to run all bandwidth-intensive applications at the same time, everyone's speed may vary between 100% and 25% of the promised speed.
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  • Overview of High-Reliability Cables
    Overview of High-Reliability Cables Nov 07, 2016
        As industrial and aerospace applications increasingly rely on electronic equipment, manufacturers of RF microwave cable assembly must expand cable products capable of meeting high reliability standards under a variety of environmental and operating conditions. Areas involved in such high-reliability components include space technology, test and measurement, wireless mobile communications, automotive, medical, and industrial applications. Unfortunately, the definition of high-reliability coaxial cables varies widely in different industries: there are also differences in the judgment of reliability standards and the range of acceptance conditions for reliability in the commercial sector, the automotive industry, the United States and the European Union, which causes When you need to compare cables or equipment from a "high reliability" perspective, it can be overwhelming.     Industry Standard     The benchmarks written by industry standards point to the "minimum specifications" of components and the "minimum level of performance" that the system can provide for cable assemblies. On this basis, manufacturers must produce high-quality cables due to industry competition considerations, in order to surpass the current industry standards in performance indicators, so as to obtain relative product advantages. In other words, on the one hand, industry standards help to ensure that the cables provided by manufacturers are compatible with similar products, and on the other hand, they urge manufacturers to show advantages in terms of performance, installation method or cost. In many people's opinion, the industry standard is compulsory, but strictly following the industry standard in the design and manufacture of coaxial cables should be a spontaneous, rational and win-win move in essence. Better promote interoperability, scalability and more efficient cost savings of communication systems.     What is high reliability?     When it comes to "high reliability", the common understanding is the judgment conclusions obtained through reliability measurements, and the conclusion of this conclusion also needs to take actual equipment and applications into consideration. However, for high-reliability coaxial cables, the reliability of the cables can also be determined by comparing the cable parameters with relevant standards. Reliability is used to measure consistency and reusability. Therefore, when using high-reliability coaxial cable, users not only require the cable assembly to operate normally in a preset way, but also need to achieve stable operation from beginning to end . In the RF industry, "reliability" can be described as the typical performance of the cable, maintaining the proper level of performance during the product's life cycle, without performance degradation or performance loss. In actual use, one or more performance indicators involved in determining the reliability of a cable assembly w...
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