• Coaxial cable signal loss analysis Dec 04, 2022
        In the process of transmitting data signals, the Coaxial cable will continuously wear out the signal, which will cause the amplitude of the signal to decrease after reaching the end point, and sometimes it will not meet the normal working requirements. The factors affecting signal loss mainly include cable resistance loss, dielectric loss, and mismatch loss. At the same tim...
  • FAKRA RF Connector Usher A New Era for Cars
    FAKRA RF Connector Usher A New Era for Cars Nov 27, 2022
        In addition to the large-scale use of radio frequency technology, RF technology has followed the development trend of modern information technology, such as GPS global positioning system, satellite radio, car Internet access, remote vehicle diagnosis and car Bluetooth. Demand, RF technology also plays a pivotal role in the small and complete subsystem of the FAKRA RF Connec...
  • How coaxial cable works?
    How coaxial cable works? Nov 20, 2022
        Coaxial cable is also called RF cable. Coaxial cable refers to a cable with two concentric conductors, and the conductor and shield share the same axis. The most common coaxial cable consists of a copper conductor isolated from an insulating material. On the outside of the inner insulation is another layer of ring conductor and its insulator. The entire cable is then covered by a she...
  • Common PCB connector FD method loss test
    Common PCB connector FD method loss test Nov 13, 2022
        The signal transmission rate of high-speed interconnect links continues to increase. As a carrier for devices and signal transmission, the signal integrity of printed circuit board coaxial connector boards has a critical impact on the electrical performance of communication systems. Especially for the large-scale commercial use of 10G and 25G+ products, the monitoring of PCB connecto...
  • Board to board RF connector test analysis
    Board to board RF connector test analysis Nov 05, 2022
        The board to board RF connector is a very common connector product. Among all the connector product types, the board to board RF connector has the strongest transmission capability, mainly used in communication networks, power systems, and industrial applications. Automation, medical equipment, office equipment, smart appliances, military manufacturing and other industries....
  • Coaxial cable bending characteristics
    Coaxial cable bending characteristics Oct 31, 2022
        Many people mentioned the requirements for components (including electrical performance, flexibility, and use environment). The generalization is too idealistic. Because many requirements are actually contradictory to each other, it seems that the fish and the bear's paw can't have the same: for example, if you want the cable assembly to have a small difference and you want the cable...
  • Semi-rigid cable assembly electrical stability and low passive intermodulation
    Semi-rigid cable assembly electrical stability and low passive intermodulation Oct 24, 2022
        Semi-rigid cable assemblies have excellent passive intermodulation performance when equipped with suitable connectors, making them ideal for modern multi-frequency wireless communication systems including distributed antenna system related equipment. The following summarize the results  and the engineers explored.     Electrical stability:     Since the semi-...
  • 5 points about RF connector signal interference solution
    5 points about RF connector signal interference solution Oct 17, 2022
        When the RF connector has a signal interference problem or cannot pass the test. The following five points of solution are summarized for your reference.     1) Although the chassis or cabinet is well shielded, the radiated emissions are too high or cannot pass the radiated immunity test. This is because the outer tow cable on the chassis or cabinet acts as an RF antenna. O...
  • Classification of RF coaxial connectors
    Classification of RF coaxial connectors Oct 09, 2022
        Due to the increasing variety of RF coaxial connectors, new structures and applications are emerging, and attempts to solve classification and naming problems with a fixed pattern have become difficult to adapt. The following is a list of some RF coaxial connectors sorted out .     1, according to the nature of use     External connector (for external chassis...
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