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    ROHO connector limited is a well-known RF connector, RF cable assembleand microwave motion sensor manufacturing enterprises, as chinese high-techenterprises, roho set design and productionas one, has a first-class design and engineering team, is technology-orientedmanufacturing enterprises. We focus on design, production and sales. Technology is the core competition of us.     ROHO offers a complete range of RF connectors from small MMCX, SMP, MCX, ipex/ufl/mhf etc. To popular SMA, SMB, SMC, f, TNC, 2.9mm, 3.5mm, BNC and large 4.3/10, DIN 7/16, n, nex10, attenuator, termination-load-dummy, antennas and other male or female connectors. 18GHz/26.5GHz/40GHz connector/adapter/adapter, 18GHz/26.5GHz/40GHz low loss cable, etc. Products are mainly used in communications, radio frequency identification, automotive, medical, aerospace, data storage, network signal transmission, military and other field     We also focus on microwave sensor, intelligent lighting control. Roho is good at the microwave sensors inlighting control applications, our R&AMP D team members including the firstdomestic 5.8GHz microwave sensor R&AMP D team.     Excellent, innovative and professional services are our own mission. Our goal is higher speed, morereliability, and cost-effective connectivity solution. Roho promises to customers around the world with the best quality, cost-effective products and services!  
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    Aug 2022

    Precautions for making RF connectors
    The Process of RF Cable Assembly : 1. Cutting line: check whether the specifications and models of the wires are correct;Whether the size meets the requirements;The cut must be level, not scratch the wire, the wire is not dirty and so on. 2. Skin peeling: check whether the skin opening is flat, and do not peel the damaged core wire, braided wire, etc., and whether the skin size is correct. 3. Marshalling treatment: trim the size correctly, trim flat, and do not hurt the core wire while trimming the marshalling. 4. Endothelial peeling: check whether the peeling opening is flat;Whether the peeling size is correct;There is no stripping core wire, broken copper wire;The insulator shall not come off when half stripped. 5. Sleeve shrinkage tube: check whether the size and type of shrinkage tube are correct. 6. Prepare soldering tin: check whether the temperature of the tin furnace is correct;Before preparing solder, whether the core wire copper wire is arranged, whether there is a fork, bending, discounting phenomenon;After preparing solder whether there are copper wire bifurcation, big head, copper wire and scalded insulation skin phenomenon. 7. Solder: check the temperature of the electric soldering iron is correct;Do not burn insulation skin, tin point should be smooth, wuxi tip, not fake welding, virtual welding. 8. Terminal pressing: confirm whether the specification of terminal and wire is correct;Whether the terminal is pressed too long or too short with or without bell-mouth, tilt, insulation and core wire exposed. 9. Terminal insertion: check whether the connector and terminal model are correct;Whether the terminal is damaged or deformed;Whether the terminal is missing, wrong, not in place and so on. 10. Line pressing: check whether the RF connector model is correct;Whether the alignment direction is correct;Whether the core wire is damaged, exposed copper or scalded;Whether the compression is in place. 11. Blow shrink tube: if the shrink tube is in good condition, do not burn the insulation skin. 12. Assembly shell: whether the shell is wrongly installed, whether there is any scratch or rough edge, whether there is any missing assembly part, whether there is any screw with unscrewed hair, oxidation, discoloration, looseness, etc., and no bad anastomosis after RF connector assembly;If the shell is oriented, it must be assembled according to the requirements. 13. Labeling: check whether the content of the label is correct, clear and without hyphenation;Whether the size of the label is correct;Whether the label is dirty or damaged;Whether the label is pasted in the correct position. 14. Tie tape: check whether the specification, color and position of tie tape are correct;No fracture or loosening. 15. Injection molding: check whether there is dirt on the mold, whether there is lack of materials, bubbles, bad adhesion, bad hardening, etc. 16. Plug molding: check whether the plug molding is damaged, uneven, lack of materials, rough edges, sundries,...
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    Aug 2022

    How to select the right microwave RF test cable
        In the field of wireless communication, microwave RF test cable is a kind of commonly used high-precision system test consumable, which is used in conjunction with test instruments.      Any DUT is located between the signal generator and the analyzer, and the bridge between the DUT and the instrument is the test attachment or test system.Do not neglect these test accessories, when possible, it is best to solidify these test accessories into a standardized measurement system.When the instrument supplier provides the complete machine, the maximum test cable will be provided in accordance with the highest operating frequency of the instrument.However, in the real test process, there will be a variety of different situations that require the use of different attachments, all of which will affect the accuracy of the measurement results, which requires the tester to have an in-depth understanding of the relevant test attachments.     When selecting the specification of the cable in the test system, in addition to considering insertion loss and VSWR, the stability of the cable must be better.In the frequency and microwave frequency bands, the commonly used cables are divided into semi-rigid cables, semi-flexible cables and flexible braided cables.Flexible cable as a "test - level" cable.Compared with semi-rigid and semi-flexible cables, the cost of flexible cables is relatively high, which is because more factors should be considered in the design of flexible cables.Flexible cables that are easy to bend multiple times and still maintain performance are essential for testing cables.Soft and good electrical indicators are a pair of contradictions, is also the main reason for the increase in costs.The flexible cable must be stable in amplitude and phase under bending conditions.     Generally speaking, single-stranded inner conductor cable is conducive to amplitude stability;Multi-strand inner conductor cable is conducive to the stability of the phase, it can be seen that only these two indicators are difficult to complete..Pay attention to the joint and cable connection parts of the process, which will affect the life of the cable.In this area, the traditional cable and connectors between a hard point of contact, it is easy to cause the fracture of the cable, which is most of the test engineer in the use of traditional cable testing the most headache problem in the process, and this is not a simple use heat shrinkable casing can solve, because this kind of fracture is often hard contact test cable after frequent bending, tension by cable transmission to hard contact, aging and rupture caused by hard contact.It is needless to say that the traditional flexible test cable without armoring can not effectively extend the service life of the test cable even if the enhanced heat-shrinkable sleeve is used at the cable and the joint because there is no armoring protection.     However, due to the gap betw...
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    Aug 2022

    The importance of RF connector adapters in electronic systems
        From the application field, the largest market segment of RF connector adapters is telecommunications or data communication, consumer electronics and electronic computers and peripheral equipment.The second is automobile, industrial automation and instrumentation.connector adapters are less important in China's domestic market than globally;The third largest market is medical equipment, aerospace military, railway and traffic control, and power supply and distribution equipment.      The importance of RF coaxial connector adapters in electronic systems is often underestimated.Many designers of electronic systems have had similar experiences: using the cheapest connector, but often ending up paying more.Faulty connector selection and use can result in system failure, product recall, product liability cases, circuit board damage, rework and repair, which in turn can lead to sales and customer loss.Therefore, in the design of electronic products, please do not underestimate the importance of connector adapters, or it will only be penny wise and pound foolish.The importance of selecting a suitable connector for electronic devices can be seen.     So, how do you choose a connector adapters?Due to the impact of the economic crisis, cost will be taken into account in the design, but in addition, more attention should be paid to the high quality and stability of the product, as well as the design characteristics of the connector itself.I think the following aspects of the innovative design of ERNI connector can provide some reference for electronic designers:     First: the idea of dual-rod design.In the ERNI connector series, the dual rod design idea runs through the whole process.Figuratively speaking, the double bar design can be described as "kill two birds with one stone".Optimized terminal design ADAPTS to high speed signal transmission and provides higher directional tolerance.In comparison of inductance, capacitance, impedance, etc., the two-bar terminal structure is reduced for high-speed applications and optimized to minimize discontinuity.The dual rod design allows multiple connector adapters to be placed on a single circuit board without plug or short circuit problems, eliminating the need for a large number of signals on a single connector.The simple wiring of the two rods can save space, make the connector smaller and simplify the detection of welding pins.Like 12 on a board.It also reduces rework costs.Practical applications such as telecommunication end-user equipment.     Second: design of pin without depression in assembly process.Traditional stamping will cause bending or deformation pin due to improper handling, the bending process will cause capillary cracks, from the long-term product is not desirable, but also affect the circuit performance and cost.ERNI USES the direct stamping to the bending Angle, the stamping terminal can avoid the capillary crack caused by the ben...
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