Analysis of SMA RF Coaxial Connector Mar 13, 2022

    SMA RF coaxial connector is mainly composed of three parts: center terminal, insulator and shell.

    1. Center terminal. According to the structure, it can be divided into pinhole type, tuning fork type and curved reed type. Its structure mainly includes three parts: guide part, contact part and installation part.

    2. Insulator. Its main function is to support and fix the center terminal and to insulate the center terminal from the housing.

    3. Shell. Its main function is to protect the mechanical and environmental protection of the center terminal, performance shielding, and fixed installation of insulators and matching connection with other RF connectors.

    The SMA RF Connector is a component installed in a cable or instrument, which is mainly used for soldering on the PCB board to transmit the electrical signal and transmission signal of the line. It can realize the transmission function of electric signal and data signal at the same time, and it has more varieties and complete specifications. It relies on the mechanical structure to ensure the electrical characteristics and is essentially different from other low-frequency connectors.

    Due to these stable advantages, most of the parts of SMA Coaxial Connector are processed by turning machines, and the assembly is more manual.

    However, with the competitive advantage of the market and the rationalization of prices, many manufacturers have changed turning parts into die-casting parts. In this way, under the premise of meeting the performance, the production cost is greatly reduced, making the product more competitive.

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