What are the advantages of SMA RF connector? Apr 02, 2022

    The SMA RF connector is mainly used in the test ports of wireless devices and base stations. For example, the current handheld walkie-talkies, many of which are equipped with SMA RF connectors, are widely used because of the following advantages:

    First, the long life, in fact, the life of the connector is not short, as long as used properly, the environment is not very bad, basically can be up to more than 10 years of life;

    Second, the performance is superior, the performance is divided into electrical performance and mechanical performance, the electrical is generally standing wave, the machine is mainly salt spray and earthquake resistance, these requirements are not a problem on the SMA connector;

    Third, the reliability is high, which is inseparable from its threaded interface. The threaded interface of the SMA coaxial connector can be very stable and reliable after the connection.

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