Common RF coaxial connector applications and frequencies Jun 09, 2014

    RF connectors are mainly divided into three categories: RF coaxial connectors, RF triaxial connectors and dual-core symmetrical RF connectors.

    1. RF coaxial: mainly used to transmit transverse electromagnetic waves (TEM waves);

    2. Radio frequency triaxial: mainly used in occasions with higher requirements for shielding efficiency, to transmit transverse electromagnetic waves (TEM waves) or transmit pulse waves;

    3. Double-core symmetry: mainly used to transmit digital signals with a low speed.

    Common RF coaxial connector applications and frequencies:

RF connector type Application field Frequency
 N High reliability, used in complex test environnent DC-18GHz
QN N type quick plug version DC-6GHz
F A typical representative of 75 ohns, dedi cated to thefield of cable TV, vith a difference betveen the inperial systen and the netric systen  DC-3GHz
BNC Bayonet type, mostly used for low frequency test, ofetenused on oscilloscope  DC-4GHz
TNC(BNC modified)  Shock resistance, nore comnon in portable radio DC-11GHz
7mm (Also knowm as APC-7) Non-polarity. generally used for high-precision instrunents such as netowork points, this thing is very expinsive  DC-18GHz
HN High withs tand voltage, the hi ghest vorking voltage can reach 5kV, N-type high voltage version DC-4GHz
LC Sui tavle for high power occasions DC-1GHz
DIN7-16 (Also called7/16)  Very connon in cellular connunications DC-7.5GHz
SMA Vide range of uses, fron oscilloscope to antenna feedsysten DC-26.5GHz
QMA SMA quick plug version DC-5GHz
SMB Digital connuni cation and radio equipment are comnon DC-4GHz
SMC Yarious size and space restricted environnents DC-10GHz
MCX Applications where veight and size are restricted DC-6GHz
MCX More connon on RF circuit boards DC-6GHz
SMP Miniaturized circuit board DC-40GHz
BMA Blind mating type, very connon on board level DC-18GHz
3.5mm Used in high-precision high-frequency test Penvironnent, there are nany on the instrunent panel, but it is expensive DC-34GHz
2.92mm (K type)  K-band test is nost connonly used DC-40GHz
2.4mm Instrunent level testing, Keysight's netvork point did not use it less DC-50GHz
1. 85mm (V type)  Instrunent level, snall use, Anritsu's invention DC-60GHz
1.0mm Rolls-Royce class, ordinary people can't see it DC-110GHz
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