TNC connector is a threaded connector for small and medium power applications Feb 10, 2014

    The TNC connector is the threaded version of the BNC RF connector, the full English name is Thread Neill-Concelman (threaded connector), for use in small and medium power applications.

   The TNC series of products are developed and produced in accordance with the US military standard MIL-C-39012, which meets the requirements of the national military standard GJB681, and the connecting thread is 7/16-28UNEF. Therefore, it can be interconnected with similar products at home and abroad.

   TNC type radio frequency connector, working frequency up to 6GHz, with low voltage standing wave ratio, stable performance, high reliability, etc., widely used in mobile phones, aviation control, telemetry, Bluetooth and GPS components, wireless base stations, microwave communications, radars, networks Equipment, antenna support, machine-to-machine communication, security equipment, testing equipment, etc.

    The structure of the TNC connector is divided into two types, male or female, with standard polarity or reverse polarity, and the impedance specification is 50 ohms.

   The shape is divided into straight type or 90 degree right angle type, partition type, 4-hole panel type or installation-free type.

   The termination methods of these TNC coaxial connectors are clip/welding, crimping/welding, welding or welding/welding.

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