Difference between BNC connector and SMA connector Aug 03, 2015

    What is the difference between the use of BNC RF connectors and SMA connectors, and is it really important whether the characteristic impedance is 50 or 75? Can’t they be mixed?

    SMA connector

    The applicable frequency range is 0 ~ 18GHz. It is an ultra-small, suitable for semi-rigid or flexible RF coaxial cable connection. It has the characteristics of small size, superior performance, high reliability and long service life. However, the ultra-small connector is easy to be damaged in engineering, which is suitable for microwave applications that require high performance, such as the internal connection of microwave equipment.

    BNC connector

    The applicable frequency range is 0 ~ 4GHz, which is a low-power coaxial cable connector with a bayonet connection mechanism. This connector can be quickly connected and separated, has the characteristics of reliable connection, good vibration resistance, convenient connection and separation, etc. It is suitable for occasions of frequent connection and separation, and is widely used to connect coaxial radio frequency cables in radio equipment and test instruments.

    The characteristic impedance is very important, otherwise it will cause mismatch. When the impedance is matched, the maximum output power can be obtained and the equipment has the highest utilization efficiency. When the impedance does not match, the effective output power will be reduced. When the external impedance is equal to the internal impedance of the device, it will become impedance match.

    You should understand the difference between the use of BNC connectors and SMA connectors. BNC connector and SMA connector are two different products, each of which has different uses, and there are also differences in performance, and cannot be mixed.

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