Microwave device technology arrangement Jul 06, 2015

    Commonly used rf microwave devices are generally divided into: microwave diode, RF attenuation plate, amplifier.

    Microwave diode generally refers to the working in the microwave frequency band of the diode, belongs to solid state microwave devices.The microwave band usually refers to the frequency range from 300MHZ to 3000GHZ.

    Main parameters of microwave diode:

    1. Cut-off frequency, which determines the maximum diode use frequency.

    2. Frequency conversion loss, the ability to achieve diode frequency change, and diode characteristics, mixer circuit formation and working state is closely related.

    3. The noise ratio is mainly divided into shotgun noise and thermal noise.

    RF Attenuator is a kind of important fiber optics passive device, which is an indispensable device in optical fiber CATV.It is well known that when two segments of optical fiber are connected, considerable alignment accuracy must be achieved in order for the optical signal to be transmitted with little loss.Conversely, if the optical fiber alignment accuracy is adjusted appropriately, the attenuation can be controlled.According to this principle, the displacement optical attenuation plate is intended to make the optical fiber in the docking, a certain dislocation.The light energy is lost to control the attenuation.

    An amplifier is a device for amplifying the voltage or power of an input signal. It consists of a tube or transistor, a power transformer, and other electrical components.Application in communication, broadcasting, radar, television, automatic control and other devices.Its function is to amplify the power of the high-frequency modulated wave signal to meet the transmission power requirements, and then radiate it to the space through the antenna, so as to ensure that the receiver in a certain area can receive a satisfactory signal level and not interfere with the communication of adjacent channels.

    Amplifier product performance: a certain power output, and small misalignment and drift, high input impedance and low output impedance, as well as high sensitivity, stability and reliability, small size, light weight, less power consumption.

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