How to purchase a cost-effective N Type RF connector Jun 08, 2015

    The N Type RF connector is also used as a company to purchase it in defense and industrial and commercial communication products. How can you judge cost-effective products when purchasing N Type RF connectors?

    The following 3 points must be noted when purchasing:

    1. High quality raw materials, RoHS compliant and durable

    2, excellent RF performance from DC to 11GHz, and scalable range design to DC to 18GHz

    3, the thread connection mechanism is reasonable, strong anti-vibration ability

    The N Type RF connector has consistent performance at 11 GHz with a threaded connection mechanism that is fully interchangeable with MIL-C-39012 compliant N-RF connectors for all systems where superior RF performance and mechanical performance are The key is generally used in antennas, base stations, instrument satellite systems, wireless LANs, radar systems, broadcasts, etc.

    The quality of work and materials of RF connectors often affect the speed of data transmission. The quality of the signal transmission and the smoothness of the connection are directly related to the performance and stability of the system and its service life. “Five Essentials” is designed as a “lightweight, miniaturized, low-cost, high-performance, mass-produced” connector. The higher the N Type RF connector requirements, the more stringent the material selection and process.

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