Differences between 3.5mm 2.92mm 2.4mm and SMA connector Jan 05, 2015

    Many practitioners may don’t have a good knowledge about the differences about 3.5mm/2.92mm/2.4mm/SMA,As a menber of ROHO. I’m really happy to share the knowledge of these four connectors with you and hope this knowledges will help you. Many users may meet this problem. 3.5mm/2.92mm/2.4mm,  connectors,which one can seamless connect with SMA.First we should learn to tell these connectors apart before answering the question.

    At the baginnig. SMA is designed for 0.141semi-rigid coaxial cable.and usually filled with ptfe medium.In the army industries ,they are used as precision connectors for microwave applications.At that condition.since SMA is small in small size and can work in high frequency. (Frequency range of semi-hard cable is DC~18GHz,and the soft cable is DC~12.4GHz)They are popular quickly.Even the Millimeter wave connectors developed later (for example:3.5mm、2.92mm) also take the mechanical compatibility into consideration.

    What is 3.5mm connectors? The outer diameter is 3.5mm.The impedance is 50Ω.The bindiny mechanism is 1/4-36UNS-2 English thread Connector.The biggest difference betweem SMA is 3.5mm is use air dielectric.The outer conductor of 3.5mm connectors is thicker than SMA connector.The mechanical strength of 3.5mm connectors is better than SMA connectors.Not only the behaviour of electricity of 3.5mm connectors is better than SMA connectors’ .but also mechanical endurance and repeatability of performance are higher than SMA connectors.So they are suitble for used in testing industries.

    The Outer diameter of the 2.92mm connectors is 2.92mm.The impedance is 50Ω.The bindiny mechanism is 1/4-36UNS-2 English thread coaxial Connector.the structure of 2.92 connectors are similar with 3.5 connectors.but smaller than 3.5 connectors. 2.92 connectors’ frequency is DC~46GHz.they have good electrical property and can be compatied with SMA connectors and 3.5mm connectors.So 2.92 connectors are soon accepted by manufacturers. And became one of the most widely used millimeter wave connectors in the globle world.

    The outer diameter of the 2.4mm connectors is 2.4mm.The impedance is 50Ω.The outer diameter of the 1.85mm connectors is 1.85mm.The impedance is 50Ω.They have smaller inside dimension.and higher working frequency.nominal can up to 50GHz 60GHz,

    This two connectors are mechanical compatible and can connect with each other. But please note that they can’t be connected with 2.92mm,3.5mm and SMA connectors. If connect with 2.92mm,3.5mm and SMA connectors.They will be broken down.

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